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The Campus School - Language Arts Language Arts: Cooperative learning groups, individualized instruction, hands-on activities, and directed research enhance the literature of the anthologies and the trade books that are read. Student-generated literature is an essential component of language arts at this level. Through the use journals, creative writing, poetry, and letter writing students respond to literature. The writing process, introduced at the primary level, is refined, and strategies to assist the students' use of conventional grammar and spelling are taught. There are many opportunities to share ideas through oral and dramatic presentations. Cross-disciplinary studies connect the language arts to music, art, technology as well as other content areas.
The Campus School - Math Math: Many opportunities are provided for investigations and discovery of new concepts and problem solving strategies. Hands-on activities, cooperative group work and drill are incorporated to endure an understanding of the basic concepts and computational skills. The program is enhanced by the use of computers for reinforcement of concepts analyzing problem solving situations and researching concepts on the internet. Calculators are also used to enhance the program. Students are encouraged to recognize math in everyday life situations and in other areas of the curriculum. An important element of the fifth grade program is the introduction of robotics. All current math standards recommended by the NCTM are incorporated.
The Campus School - Science Science: The science program integrates a variety of scientific content areas while providing hands-on experiences that allow students to investigate and discover their world. Emphasis is placed on developing the children's understanding of how science relates to everyday life. A variety of learning experiences foster the development of the process skills of observing, classifying, analyzing, and inferring. Content areas studied include topics in physical science, life science, and earth and space science. At the fifth grade level, a three-day overnight environmental education program allows students to experience first-hand the importance of ecosystems and our environment. An in-house science fair for fourth and fifth grade helps students to develop their creative problem solving skills and to learn to use the scientific method as they conduct their experiments.
The Campus School - Social Studies Social Studies: The goal of the social studies program is to foster each student's awareness of our multicultural, global community. The geographic, social, political, and economic components of our country are investigated with map skills as an integrated part. In the third grade, students embark on an in-depth study of their community. The fourth grade curriculum focus on Pennsylvania history and the regions of the United States culminating in a state fair. Fifth grade students explore United States history, with an emphasis on the colonial period, highlighted by a Colonial Day. Parents and the school community are invited to enjoy the students role-play of a colonial village, colonial dancing and colonial foods.
The Campus School - Art Art: The students design in-depth projects using a wide variety of techniques including pottery and clay work that is fired in our kiln. There is a further exploration of different cultures through the materials those cultures use and the artwork that is produced by them. The fourth and fifth grade are annually involved in the 3 day School Museum Program at the Carnegie Museum of Art.
The Campus School - Computer Computer: Students learn to use the computer as a tool to attain and process information. Continuing their use of basic computer applications, the students undertake more advanced projects that might utilize the scanner and the digital camera. They also learn to use the Internet to find information, are introduced to electronic mail and begin the basics of keyboarding. Students begin to understand the necessity of ethics and computers and are required to sign an Internet Policy.
The Campus School - French French: The French program is designed to give students an opportunity to begin communicating in a foreign language in a personalized and enjoyable context. Communication is developed through listening, speaking, and conversational skills relevant to the students' world. Learning and practicing French is enhanced through hands-on experiences, personal journals, and workbooks.
The Campus School - Library Library: Students become familiar with special subject encyclopedias, biographical sources, indexes, and other special reference books. Computer technology is available for Internet searches and students are taught more advanced research and reporting techniques. Various kinds of fiction and non-fiction are explored and examined to supplement the classroom experiences.
The Campus School - Music Music: Students continue to experience a rich array of musical activity but now approach music on a different level: recognizing, labeling, categorizing, and creating music according to rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, and form. Third graders begin to play recorders, which encourages independence in note reading and playing. Fourth and fifth graders join together weekly for Chorus.
The Campus School - Physical Education Physical Education: The students continue to practice age-appropriate ball skills in various lead-up games. Strategy and rules are introduced and good sportsmanship and team play are reinforced as well as the importance of lifelong fitness. Fitness is measured yearly with a fitness test. In swimming the students work at individual levels of the American Red Cross Progressive Swimming Program. They are introduced to synchronized swimming and participate in a synchronized swimming show. In addition, students have opportunities to play water games and to enjoy an occasional free swim.
The Campus School - Religion Religion: The religion program adheres to the Catholic tradition and current church teaching with a focus on goals to proclaim the mysteries of faith, foster a sense of community, encourage worship and prayer, and to motivate service to others. Understanding and respect for religious difference is experienced daily through the diverse background of the students and their parents. Teachers and students plan and lead various forms of classroom and seasonal prayer services and Eucharistic liturgies.

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