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Through academic studies, children learn about themselves and their world. They develop listening and language skills in preparation for reading. They learn to use words to express themselves in daily journal entries that combine drawings and writing. Self-expression gradually becomes second nature as the children share thoughts, feelings, and stories. In science and social studies, Campus School teachers involve children in a hands-on approach to discovering the wonders of the world around them. Manipulatives and games make math exploration a fun part of each day while reinforcing and extending basic math concepts and skills. As part of the curriculum, our Kindergarten students have classes in art, computer, French, and music. They also make weekly visits to the library and swim in the university pool.

A low pupil-teacher ratio makes it possible for us to focus on the total development of each child.

Our goal is to help children grow as well-balanced, creative individuals who are comfortable with themselves and with each other.



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