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Language Arts Language Arts: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking give the primary students varied opportunities to build language. The language program is deliberately eclectic in response to individual learning styles. The reading program is implemented through literature-based reading instruction, a whole language approach, and the systematic teachings of phonics. One of the exciting aspects of the reading program is the quality and breadth of literature used. In writing, the goal is to develop an easy flow of ideas and the ability to translate thought to print comfortably and begin to self-edit. The components of process writing are developed through the grade levels. The children participate in creative writing by discussing ideas and sharing their work.
The Campus School - Math Math: The math program in the primary grades focuses on basic computation and concepts. The students explore the mathematical areas of measurement, time, money, sets, patterns, geometry, data collection and analysis, probability and numeration through the use of manipulatives and everyday experiences. Problem solving, cooperative groups, and higher level thinking are important components of our math program.
The Campus School - Science Science: Scientific exploration and awareness is fostered at the primary level. Use of hands-on activities allows the children to observe, predict, experiment, discover and draw conclusions.
The Campus School - Social Studies Social Studies: An appreciation for the United States as well as other cultures is enhanced through literature, current events, music, and field trips. The various heritages of our students enrich the study of historical figures, traditions, and environments.
The Campus School - Art Art: Students learn through gradual development about the use of the art elements - line, shape, color, texture, value, and composition, along with the importance of content, in making art. A wide variety of techniques and media are experienced such as drawing, painting, collage, clay and other sculptural materials. The emphasis is on looking and talking about works of art, as well as learning about cultures through their artwork.
The Campus School - Computers Computer: Primary students learn the basic components of the computer and its proper use. They are introduced to the everyday uses of computers in society. Students undertake projects using computer applications including word processing, graphics, and multimedia programs as well as an introduction to the use of the internet.
The Campus School - French French: The goal of the primary French program is to provide a positive foreign language experience. The children learn about the culture and language of French-speaking countries through music, games, and drawing. Listening and speaking are emphasized. Lessons center around meaningful vocabulary based on everyday experiences, and are often taught entirely in French.
The Campus School - Library Library: An appreciation of good literature and the love of reading is fostered in the library program. Storytelling, puppetry, songs, finger plays, and audiovisuals are presented that relate to award winning books and classic literature. The students learn to efficiently use the online catalog to locate and check out books for personal use.
The Campus School - Music Music: Singing, playing, moving, and listening are the core of developing an enjoyment of music. Children do all of these activities naturally and produce music that is both beautiful and fun. Students at the Campus School create music using unpitched percussion, xylophones, Boomwhackers, and their imaginations. During the year parents are invited to their child's class to enjoy musical performances.
The Campus School - Physical Education Physical Education: The students participate in activities to enhance basic locomotor and creative movement, spatial awareness and age-appropriate ball skills. Teamwork and good sportsmanship is encouraged in low organized games. Fitness is measured yearly with fitness test. In swimming, students explore the water, learn about buoyancy and locomotion, and are introduced to personal safety through the American Red Cross Progressive Swim program. Grades one and two participate in guided discovery activities associated with synchronized swimming. This is in preparation for the intermediate grades' synchronized swimming show.
The Campus School - Religion Religion: In the primary grades children examine their own uniqueness through prayer, Bible stories, and sacramental preparation. Students of the Catholic faith prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion in grade two. Children of other faiths are encouraged to share their beliefs.

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