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Technology is an integral part of daily life, helping students to expand their educational horizons through a fully networked campus. Students have access to state of the art equipment and technological tools in our two computer labs as well as in all the classrooms.


The elementary school library is a hub of the educational activity for the entire school. The students have the services of a full time librarian who supports the classroom teachers in the areas of research utilizing internet capabilities as well as with volumes of written material.

The library has a collection of 11,157 volumes that contains children's literature and resources to support and enrich all areas of curriculum at every level. A professional collection of books and journals is available to help teachers keep up to date with current educational practices and research.

The student orientation to the library is an ongoing process, which begins in preschool and continues through grade eight. Students are formally introduced to age appropriate resources and presented with knowledge needed to successfully master information skills.

The information skills curriculum starts in an introductory capacity at the preschool level during library class. Student continue building their library and research skills during scheduled library classes through sixth grade. The curriculum gives the students the opportunity to practice search strategies through research and encourages the critical analysis of information sources. The seventh and eighth graders use the library on an as needed basis at the discretion of their subject area teachers. The librarian works in partnership with classroom teacher to create lessons that encourage the practice of the information skills learned in the earlier grades. Consequently, the information skills curriculum is a series of steps, building from an introduction in the primary grades, direct instruction in the intermediate grades, and opportunities to practice competency in the upper grades.

Teachers are encouraged to recommend book titles, educational videos and magazines for the library collection when developing new units of study.

The Parent Teacher Association holds a book fair in October for Campus School students and families. The proceeds are used to purchase books for the library and to support the Campus School 's scholarship fund. In addition, a Birthday Book Club is available if parents would like to donate a book to the library in honor of their child's birthday.



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