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Hello Alumni,

Since it's founding in 1963, the Campus School students have responded to challenges. In 1978, I remember buying a computer from Radio Shack in Squirrel Hill and having it installed in my office. This "new gadget" captured the imagination of several 6th grade boys who appeared at my door every morning before class to "work with the computer". The boys were Joel Beckerman, Tom Egler, Victor Gallik, Tipper Gaul, Bill Schratz, and Jack Wilson. We had many questions about the workings of this computer and I would say, "Stop in Radio Shack after school and ask the man these questions." The manager of Radio Shack called me one day and said, "Sister, help me... your students are driving me nuts! Every time I look up they are standing there with a million questions!" Well, we backed off because by that time, we were pretty good!

Now look at us today... we have two large computer labs, a full-time computer teacher, and 104 computers in the classrooms of our school from pre-K to eighth grade! AND, now we inauguate our new Alumni website!

Congratulations to faculty and students over the years who accepted and thrived on challenges!

Peace and love,

Sister Mary Paul


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