Steve Studnicky '00

    Steve Sudnicky

    I grew up in Point Breeze and went to Carlow from 1989 – 2000, which spanned Montessori with Sr. Marilyn to 8th Grade in the upper school.  My whole family attended including my sisters and cousins. The last person to graduate was my sister, Josie Cost, in 2013.  We’ve been involved with the school for quite a while in one form or another.  God bless my Mom for putting up with us!

    I went to Central Catholic for high school and then Bucknell University for college.  I currently work at an investment bank in New York City.  I got married in 2016 to a girl named Alex Ellis who I met at Bucknell.  Interestingly, I still carry a lot of what I learned at Carlow in daily life.  My desk is pretty clean and organized (thanks Sr. Marilyn), and I always check my “FANBOYS” (thanks Mrs. Vudy) before sending emails/memos/etc.  These are little examples, but suffice it to say Carlow was a great place for me to build values as a youngster and the lessons I learned there are applicable in everyday life.

    I am still close with a handful of guys who went to Carlow and we see each other when I am back in town.  The friendships that I made there were great and I particularly remember the school being pretty good at basketball and soccer.  I am not sure if it’s still in the gym, but I am listed somewhere on a banner from a JV Basketball Championship in 1998(?).  Our team was pretty stacked.  Timmy Ward at point guard was the best player in league and we had some good athletes around him – Dave Scarborough at the 2, Andy Armstrong at the 3, I played the 4, and John Burgess was our big man down low.  Off the bench Mike Fishman and Max Quinlin were a year younger than us, but both were good hoopers.  We got along great, and it was so much fun going undefeated.

    The school is a great place, and I hope the students still tear up the “green” playing kickball, dodgeball, rundown, etc. after lunch.

    Sam Casale '14

    Sam Casale


    It is difficult to choose a favorite memory considering I have had several amazing and meaningful experiences during my 10 years at Carlow (I was there from Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade). However, one memory that particularly stands out was my eighth grade graduation because it was a moment that was filled with such a unique and exciting blend of emotions. Despite everyone initially acting as if they were so excited to leave Carlow behind, it was quickly apparent that saying goodbye to such an important place in all of our lives would be no simple task. The ceremony served as a small yet powerful reminder of how well this school prepared myself along with the rest of my grade for the future, and I am incredibly thankful for having such an opportunity to attend this academic institution.


    I am currently preparing to enroll at the University of Chicago, with a double major in Computer Science and Cinema Studies. I am a senior at Sewickley Academy and I am often involved with school functions relating to music and theater. I am a captain for the Track and Field team as well as a varsity-level runner and jumper. Outside of school, I enjoy playing music with my band and I also enjoy painting. I often find that my extracurricular activities and hobbies help aid me in my studies because they provide me with both a creative outlet as well as a form of releasing stress.