• There are three ways to order: Paper Order Form OR Online OR at our SCRIP Store in the Main Office.


    Paper Form Ordering

    Please fill out a hardcopy SCRIP Order Form. Please return the form to school with your child, labeled SCRIP program. You can make checks payable to: Carlow Campus School SCRIP.


    Online Ordering

    You will set up an account at https://www.shopwithscrip.com (one time only, no fees) by clicking on the blue ‘Join a Program’ tab. You will directly place your gift card orders online, under our school's enrollment code. The enrollment code for The Campus School is D8A36D1L37531.

    Once you place your online orders, you will be prompted to ‘Submit Order’. You must press this button for your order to be placed with our school. You will be paying by check or ACH account.

    Once you submit an order, you will be shown an ‘Order Confirmation’ page. You can use the printer friendly version to send a copy in with your check. However, we will still accept orders without the printed confirmation, as long as we receive your labeled check and it matches the order in the system.

    Make checks payable to: Carlow Campus School SCRIP.  Or, see below to set up an online payment method.

    (Please Note: Your check must be received by Tuesday of the week you place your order or it will be held until the following Tuesday.)


    The SCRIP Store - ordering in the Main Office

    Please stop by the Main office and buy select gift cards on site.  Simply fill out an order form with the office, our fantastic administrators will be happy to give you your gift cards at the time of purchase.  We currently carry the following vendors on-site: SCRIP Store Order Form.  Please plan to pay at the time of purchase.  You can make checks payable to: "Carlow Campus School Boosters - SCRIP".


  • You can link your personal ACH account to the Scrip Program through PrestoPay™. The SCRIP Program will automatically debit your personal account for payment, at the time you place your order.

    The corporate SCRIP Program does not have a credit card option, due to high processing fees associated with credit card payments.


    Presto Pay


    PrestoPay™ is a convenient way for you to pay for your orders, on-line, at the time you place your order. GLSC will debit your designated account for the face value of the order plus a small convenience fee of $0.15 on the day the order is placed.


    To enroll, please go to your account at www.shopwithscrip.com. You should then click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab and click on 'Family Functions'.  A PrestoPay™ option will appear in the left hand column. You can follow the enrollment process by reading the overview and clicking on the ‘Yes, and I agree’ tab at the bottom.


    Once you have enrolled for PrestoPay™, the GLSC will verify your account information and send you a PrestoPay™ Approval Code. You must forward this code to the SCRIP Coordinator to complete your enrollment.


    Once you are fully enrolled, you can order anytime online. Simply fill your shopping cart and chose PrestoPay™ as your payment method at the end. Your order will be delivered to you on the next school delivery day.  Plus, Reload and ScripNow orders will come to you in minutes!


    For additional help with Presto Pay, please read the Presto Pay Guide.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you pay for your order with PrestoPay™, and your payment is returned or rejected for any reason, one of the following actions will be taken:

    • If the family order has not been released by our organization, GLSC will cancel the family order and CHARGE OUR NON-PROFIT
      ORGANIZATION A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00. Your family will then owe us the $30.00 fee.
    • If the family order has been released by your organization, GLSC will CHARGE OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION for the face value of your order, PLUS A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00. Your family will then owe us that full amount.