• Request a Recommendation for High School Math

    Most receiving high schools will request a recommendation for placing students in the appropriate math class. Please submit recommendation forms to Ms. Cottrell for processing. 


    Survey of Independent Schools Math Courses

    High School Placement Tests


    Testing Practice

    In the spring of their 7th grade year, students take the Pre-HSPT (mathematics sections only) for practice and placement into 8th grade math. 

    In October of their 8th grade year, Pre-HSPT scores are reviewed with students and suggestions for additional practice are offered. 

    In November of their 8th grade year, students take a practice ISEE test, which is self scored, to become familiar with the testing format.

    In December or January, 8th graders have the opportunity to take a self-scored comprehensive mid-term style exam.


    Geometry Preparation

    Students who have completed grades 3-8 of the UCSMP math programs (Everyday Math to grade 5, Pre-Transitions 6, Transitions 7 and Algebra 8) will have had the opportunity to master and retain many important geometry concepts. For students anticipating demanding courses in high school math, many receiving schools will allow students to test out of geometry.


    Geometry Topics covered in The Campus School Math Program


    Below are suggested resources for placing into an appropriate math course in high school.

    Khan Academy Geometry (free)

    Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth ($)