A Champion Season

2018-19 Forensics Schedule


    Updated 10/15/19

    •  Nov 2nd – St. Kilian’s, Cranberry
    •  Jan 11th – Our Lady of Fatima, Hopewell
    •  Feb 15th – Northgate,
    •  Mar 7th  – Butler Catholic, Finals Competition (team of 10)
    •  Mar 14th – Butler Catholic, All Stars (one student per category)


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Forensics Background

  • Forensics is a competitive activity that involves public speaking.   Before it became a term related to science, it connected to the classic experience of the ancient Greeks who would discuss and debate in the forum.


    From the American Forensics Association website:


    "Forensics" is a word rooted in the Western world's classical experience. The Greeks organized contests for speakers that developed and recognized the abilities their society felt central to democracy. These exercises acquired the title "forensics," derived from the Latin term for ensis and closely related to the forum.”


    The Campus School is a member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Forensics League (S.P.F.L).  The S.P.F.L promotes the development of a child's ability to speak in front of a group. Student may compete in one of five categories of oral interpretation:  poetry, prose, declamation, drama, and multiple reading.  Students must commit to participating in several competitions from November to March.  Competitions involve students from Catholic, private, and public schools in the tri-state area.  Each school is permitted to bring 14 members to each competition. Preference is given to experienced team members from last year, and to 8th graders.


    Students who wish to participate in Forensics at The Campus School would choose Forensics as one of their elective options during the first trimester and commit to participate through the end of the 2nd trimester. During the elective period, students choose a selection, practice their piece, receive feedback from peers and the moderator, and prepare for the competition. 


    The Southwestern Pennsylvania Forensics League’s website contains much useful information, including copies of the judging criteria for each category.



    Dates, locations, and Google map directions are all available on the website. Please check with the school before any tournament in case of any changes in times and dates.