• The Campus School's SCRIP Rewards Program began in October 2013 and runs on a July-June fiscal cycle.  We earned our school $2,149.58 in our inaugural year, $4,123.00 in our second year, $5,908.10 in our third year and $6,764.63 in our fourth year, showing positive growth over the years.  Last year (2017-2018) we sustained our numbers by earning $6,725.27.  That is over $26,000 for our school, for immediate discretionary spending!  Plus, these earnings are with approximately 25% of our community contributing on any given year - just think about what we can do with everyone getting involved!


    Although the program is voluntary, we do ask all families to participate in some way so that we can recoup the free monetary rewards available to us.  Please join us today!


    The money earned works independently of our school's Annual Fund, going directly towards classroom enrichment & faculty needs throughout the year.  In the past we have directly contributed towards our teacher's Responsive Classroom training, playground building blocks for our students, classroom equipment/supplies, transportation needs, and library items.


    We proudly join the campaign to improve our school community by providing our director immeadiate funds to make change possible!