Mathematical Holidays

  • Patterns in Dates


    Date 10.10.10

    At the beginning of each class, we examine the date for patterns of multiples, sums, evens and odds and consecutive digits. Some times we strike gold -- the legendary 08/08/08 or the once in a lifetime pi day 3/14/15 (@9:00). Some times the numbers of the date have nothing in common. This practice builds number sense, which is useful in understanding properties and in factoring equations.



     Powers of Ten Day


    Powers of Ten Images

    We live in the decimal number system, so it is often difficult to answer questions about it -- like asking a fish to explain water. Our celebration on October 10 (10/10), calls attention to the patterns of powers of ten that underlie our place value notation. Each year, we view the classic Ray and Charles Eames video Powers of Ten, and each year, we discover something new about our system of numeration.



    Holiday Visit to Mathemagic Land


    Fibonacci Spiral

    At the suggestion of a past Campus School parent, we viewed the 1950s classic short film, Donald in Mathmagic Land several years ago. Students learned about golden sections, math in music, geometry of billiards and architecture and proporion in the human body. As with Powers of Ten, every viewing reveals more information and our viewing has become an annual shared event.



    Pi Day


    Pi Day Graphic

    Along with math students in the lower grades of The Campus School, as well as classrooms of math students around the world, upper school math students celebrate Pi day with activities designed to delve into the mysterious world of irrational numbers. Much as we would like all of our problems to have happy integer solutions, number and nature have other ideas!