•            The Campus School of Carlow University supports a purpose of promoting a Catholic way of life based on Gospel values. As a Catholic educational institution, Carlow makes connections throughout the faith, builds community and promotes service throughout all aspects of academic and spiritual curriculum. The curriculum reflects the guiding Catholic principles through the integration of faith into all aspects of instruction. Dedicated teachers and administrators whose teaching mission is based on a love for the Church create an environment that is community and service oriented.  The leadership of our Pastor and Principal provides opportunities for Catholic practice including liturgies, participation in holy sacraments and other spiritual experiences. Instruction, learning and activities are focused on the full development of all students, for the welfare of the community as a whole and the building of the Kingdom of God.


               Service and mercy are at the core of our mission at The Campus School. Throughout both daily interactions and large events held at Carlow, it is evident that children and teachers alike promote the notion of service and respect for each other. Many events are held during the school year that promote service and mercy throughout the community and across the world. Our annual Mercy Day Walk-a-Thon benefits children being served by the Sisters of Mercy in the Philippines. This annual event is an inspiring opportunity for students to become active in the gift of mercy. Events focused on service are held throughout the school year and across grade levels, including food drives for the needy, dollar donations for charity and individual student charity drives. These events are held school wide and truly promote the heart of service and mercy throughout the Campus School.