The students of the Campus of Carlow University participate in Physical Education classes beginning at age three and continue through 8th grade.  Each level stresses the importance of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Children are exposed to team sports, lifetime sports, and recreational activities. The students are encouraged to explore them, and decide which activities are most enjoyable.  We hope the children will find activities suited to them leading to a lifelong healthy lifestyle.  Some of those activities include:


    TEAM SPORTS:  Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Volleyball,                                                                  

    LIFETIME SPORTS: Tennis, Fitness, Aerobics

    RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES:  Races, Tag Games, Chuteball, Creative Movement


    Through Responsive Classroom activities, the students are taught to work together as groups and in teams. Good sportsmanship is taught at the pre-primary level, and is practiced at all levels.


    The students are taught to be aware of their surroundings, and to recognize safe environments to play or compete.

      The S.T.E.A.M initiative is also incorporated into the Physical Education curriculum.  The students study human anatomy, physics, physiology, kinesiology, math, and music during their physical activities.

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