Khan Academy and SumDog Summer Trophy Quest


  • Hello, Incoming 6th & 7th Graders!
    You are required to complete 100% of the 5th Grade Math (if you are an incoming 6th Grader) or 6th Grade Math (if you are an incoming 7th Grader) over the summer, but of course, can always go further onto the next grade-level of math or focus on a topic like Geometry or Pre-Algebra if you wish.
    ~ go to
    ~ click "sign in" at top right corner
    ~ log in through Google
    ~ click on "subjects" in top left corner
    ~ click "5th or 6th Grade Math"
    ~ click on "Mission" (automatically defaults to "explore" - make sure you have clicked on "mission" to receive the credit)
    Your should see your progress increase as you work on the your mission. Please contact me if you need any assistance. 
    Khan Academy is great resource that you will be able to utilize all the way through college-level math and also other subjects, as well.
    SumDog is also having a Summer Trophy Quest Activity if you are interested, as well.
    If you play 10 games/week you earn a virtual trophy and if you earn all 10 trophies over the summer, you will earn a virtual "mega trophy" and a display case for your SumDog house:-)
    Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!