Asessment Policies

  • Social Studies Assessment Policies


    1. My grades are currently split into three weighted categories:

    • Classwork – 10% (Some classwork may be finished as homework.)
    • Homework – 10%
    • Participation – 10%
    • Formal Assessments – 70%
      • Tests - double weighted
      • Quizzes
      • Graded discussions
      • NB Checks / Open NB Quizzes (see rubrics)
      • Mini projects – in class/at home
      • Special projects; oral presentations; in class essays; etc


    2. Classwork and Homework includes assignments done in the notebook.  Students receive an automatic 100% for completing the assignment demonstrating effort, or an 80% if basic minimum quality is evident, with the understanding that students are, at this stage, developing understanding and are not being assessed for mastery. 

      • Late assignments are scored as 50% or 80% based on the type of assignment.  For example, completing a vocabulary assignment in the notebook may be scored 80% as students still have time to study.  But comprehension questions that will be discussed in the following class will be scored at 50% as students will have missed the classroom discussion component.  Incomplete assignments will also be assessed at 50% or 80% when it is completed.  Students receive a zero for missing work that is not completed before the end of the unit of study (usually when a quiz or test or end-of-unit project or activity is completed).


     3. Formal Assessments may include:

      • Quizzes and Tests
      • Graded written assignments given to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills; students MAY be offered the chance to redo these assignments with the understanding that the highest score may be adjusted.
      • Individual notebook assignments/checks
      • Written assignments
      • Projects and other demonstrations of learning


    Graded assessments are currently penalized 5% if late; assignments not completed by the end of a unit will be scored as 0%.


    Tests and projects are *double-weighted* within the context of formal assessments.


    I often add bonus points or other ways to earn extra points on quizzes and tests.  I try to provide at least one extra credit opportunity each trimester which requires effort on the part of students.  I have an extra credit policy posted which says:  Extra credit must be applied to missing homework/classwork before it can be applied to formal assessments.  This motivates students to have all classwork and homework completed on time in order to be eligible to apply any bonus points or extra credit to high value assessments such as tests.