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    of Carlow University


    • The Campus School of Carlow University is an independent Catholic coeducational institution educating students in preschool through 8th grade.  
    • We welcome students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a strong interest in learning and whose families will be committed to the goals of the school.
    • Rooted in the values-based tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, The Campus School provides a nurturing environment which focuses on the uniqueness of each child and encourages a spirit of community and service to others.
    • Both preschool, pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Montessori 3-5-year-old programs are offered for our youngest students.
    • We typically have 2 classes per grade in Kindergarten through 8th grade with an average of 14 students per class. 
    • Our small class size allows for focused learning and attention to individual learning needs.


     "The water quality and testing science module led by Ms. Diamond was greatly enjoyed by the Fourth Grade students.  The hands-on learning really seemed to excite the students and gave them a taste of science experimentation to come in upper grades.  This type os STEAM learning is becoming a Hallmark of The Campus School."

    John R. Gotaske, Jr., parent of Mary


    "We're so happy with The Campus School, Ciaran loves it!"

    Liam O'Connell, parent of preschool student


    Elizabeth really enjoys school!  She has attended The Campus School since pre-K and is very familiar with the people and the school.  I believe it is a wonderful learning environment and I have seen her grow.

    Susan Straud, parent of 6th grader


    "We've been more than pleased with Vid's experience in the class and are confident that Ana would thrive in the same. We also believe that the Montessori class at The Campus School does a wonderful job fostering confidence and a love of learning. Aside from the Montessori aspect, the entire family has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of The Campus School community. We've seen Ana already fit in with the children at the school events, a fact we find very promising. The Campus School also emphasizes spirituality and religion, aspects very important to us as faithful Catholics."

    Melissa Mares, parent of Vid - Montessori pre-K and Ana - soon to be Montessori preschool



    "We looked at several schools before deciding on The Campus School.  From the staff to the teachers to the students themselves, there's a warmth and genuine caring that makes the school a special place.  My son is now in his second year - it's great to see him so engaged in learning and enjoying being a part of the school community.  I'm confident that this is a great investment and the right choice for his education"


    Kelley Maloney, parent of a first grader



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