• Technology continues to evolve at The Campus School. Two years ago, the decision was made to eleminate the Computer Lab and begin a One-To-One Initiative. All students in grades 3 - 8 were given Chromebooks to use for purposes of research, learning, typing and sharing of documents. The Campus School created their own domain under Google for Education and rolled out the new initiative. Students were thrilled at the prospect of having their own devices. Teachers were excited about moving into the realm of Google for Education. The program has been a huge success with research and learning at the fingertips of all students. Our domain created a safe environment for students to communicate with each other and with their teachers. We are continually looking at the program as it evolves with the times. We have added wireless printing for the students this year with printer stations set-up in the hallways of the school.


    We also added One-to-One Nexus Tablets for children in grades K - 2 to use for expanding their educational experience. This continues to evolve with students now trying their hands at movie-making. They also use their tablets to expand their learning as teachers review and add apps that are educationally appropriate for the classroom.