Our Teachers are working hard to ensure that our student's remote learning experience is enriching. Below are our "Google Classroom Breaking News Reports" from two of our 7th Grade Google Classroom Reporters: Lauren Osth and Evie Passero. 


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  • Google Classroom Report


    Lauren Osth, 7th Grade Google Classroom Reporter

    The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University


    This past week, students from the Carlow Campus Laboratory School have been educated during the COVID-19 pandemic through a program known as Google Classroom. This is an online program that allows teachers to assign online and at home work. Google Classroom also allows students to communicate with teachers if they have any questions. Vega Mani says, “I like the way Google Classroom is set up, and how teachers can post assignments.” Google Classroom is also a good way for students to learn how to budget their time. Some classes, such as Language Arts and Science, have daily assignments that students must complete. In Language Arts class, 7th grade students practice reading comprehension by reading a chapter of Animal Farm by George Orwell, and then answering questions about that chapter. In Science class, 7th graders have been learning about inheritance and Punnett squares.


    Other classes, such as Math and Religion, give assignments that are due every few days. In Math class, 7.2 has been practicing pre-algebra and learning how to find the areas of circles, triangles, and trapezoids. For Religion class, students are assigned journal reflections and prayer services to help them grow closer to God during this time. Classes such as Social Studies and French have been assigning weekly assignments. In Social Studies class, the 7th grade has been learning about Andrew Jackson and created a web about Jacksonian Democracy. For French class, the 7th graders have learned double object pronouns and have been working on Duolingo during this past week of the pandemic. People have found ways to adapt to social distancing because it is extremely important that we do so. 


    School has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. During this time it is very important that we are aware of what is happening around us. Mrs. Shannon says, “I think that practicing social distancing is one of the most powerful things we can do during a pandemic.” Mrs. Shannon is right - how will we ever stop this outbreak if we don't social distance? Even though it is hard to be away from friends during this time, it is the right thing to do. By social distancing, you could potentially be saving someone’s life. Social distancing is also important because the people that are truly impacted by this virus are over the age of sixty, and people with compromised immune systems. We should take these precautions not just for our health and safety, but for the health and safety of our community. Matthew Evans believes that this should not be known as social distancing but rather physical distancing, because we still have the ability to use programs such as FaceTime and Google Meets. In addition to our Google Classroom school, we can still find things to keep us busy. Nora Faraci has five goals she wishes to complete during this time. Nora Faraci also says, “I am personally excited for new opportunities and experiences confinement will bring me.” This time is a good time to create goals for ourselves and strive to be the best people we can be. Through Google Classroom and social distancing we can both learn, and help our community to stay healthy during this time. By staying home we can stop this virus from harming anyone else, and hopefully be back in school before we know it. 

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  • Google Classroom Report


    Evie Passero, 7th Grade Google Classroom Reporter

    The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University


    A couple of weeks ago, students were probably getting excited to enjoy their Spring Break. They would have never thought that we would not be coming back to school for a while. Because of COVID-19, schools decided to close temporarily to avoid contact and germ-spreading. Instead of regular school, The Carlow Lab School is now doing an online, remote way of teaching on Google Classroom.  


    Google Classroom is a free way to experience school from home. The teachers each create a classroom for the subject that they teach. Students then use their own computers to access Google Classroom. In the top right hand corner, a plus sign is displayed. When you click on the plus sign, you are able to join a class by entering a code that your teachers tell you. All classrooms that students are part of will be shown on Google Classroom. Students are able to click on each classroom. At the top of the screen, three different topics are arranged in a row: Stream, Classwork, and People. Stream shows the work teachers have posted. Stream also allows students to discuss any comments and ask questions to the teacher. A box on the left of the screen shows any assignments that are due soon. Classwork includes all of the students’ work. Students can click on and can view each assignment. When they have finished their work, they can hit “Turn In” and teachers can give them a score. Students can also use the Private Comments section, which allows the message that they send to only be seen by their teacher. The People button allows you to see all of the names of the students and teachers that are part of your class.


    After a week of Google Classroom, a few 7th Grade students and Ms. Sproul, the music teacher, were interviewed and gave opinions about their Google Classroom experience and social distancing. 


    Mason Roberts said, “Online Classroom is pretty chill. It has been a good way to reduce stress since you can budget your time when working.” In Social Studies, Ms. McDowell posts a couple of assignments on Sunday that are due a week later on the following Monday. This allows students to spread out their work time throughout the week instead of doing all of their assignments in one day. We have also continued working on our Bill of Rights Project. Ms. McDowell gives students a variety of ways to share their work with her. In Science Class, we have also found fun ways to learn online. One of our assignments was to make a 10 question Kahoot about Genetics. Kahoot is a website for making quizzes. On Friday March 27th, the 7th Grade played the Genetics quiz together online. 


    Ms. Sproul explained that, “At school, I get to interact with every student in the school because we have scheduled classes. With online teaching, I’ve found that less students are participating voluntarily. I’m not sure if that’s because they have heavy loads from their core classes and it’s just too hard to do it all, or because interest is lower, or because the lesson options I have given are all “optional.” Ms. Sproul also said she liked Google Classroom because it is easy to use. Since students were already using Google Classroom for Music and Advisory, they were familiar with it. So far, Ms. Sproul has assigned work including Soundtrack of My Life, Down By the Bay, and “Tone Savvy. Soundtrack of My Life lets students share their favorite songs, Down By the Bay, allows students to share their own version of the song, and Tone Savvy is a website that builds your musical skills. Ms. Sproul is sad that Middle School Musical rehearsals have been paused. “I guess I would like everyone to know that I don’t expect everyone to have the same experience at home that I am having. If you want to participate right now in Music, that is awesome, or if you have suggestions of lessons that you’d find more engaging, I am all ears.” She says she misses all of us!


    Students have also given their opinions about social distancing. Joey Murphy said, “Social distancing is actually pretty hard to adapt to especially since I am a people person and I usually see someone at least once in two weeks. I like to see my friends at school, that makes the day a lot more fun for me.” Nora Faraci said, “....confinement will bring lots of obstacles. A very challenging one that I am attempting to face is being away from my friends. Although we can no longer see each other, we are still finding ways to facetime and play online games with each other to keep ourselves busy.”   


    The 7th grade students have found ways to cope with social distancing by organizing video chats on Monday to Friday. The video chats, held on Google Meets, are usually from 11:00 to 11:30. We talk with each other while doing our assignments for the day. This helps the online classroom to seem more like our regular school day and recreate the experience of talking to our friends in the hall or at lunch.


    As an individual, I am still allowed to go outside, but not allowed to go near anyone, using the “6 feet away” rule. I have gone biking, hiking, and have spent more time with my family. I think that Google Classroom is very different from regular school but still provides an awesome, virtual learning experience!