Welcome to our SCRIP Rewards Program!



    By changing your family's shopping style to include the use of our gift cards, you will generate monetary rewards for our school community.


    SCRIP is a fund-raising program for schools and organizations.  Individuals/Families will purchase gift cards at face value from a large list of participating retailers, but each retailer sells these gift cards to our organization at a discount. Thus, The Campus Laboratory School will net the monetary difference in varying percentages (ranging from 1.5% - 15% or more).


    There is no extra cost to participate in the SCRIP Rewards Program.  You simply purchase the gift cards of merchants that you normally patronize and our school will receive the credit.  It is a very easy way to earn money for our school!


    Here's an example: Giant Eagle offers a 4% credit and Lands'End offers a 15% credit.  A purchased $100 Giant Eagle gift card will generate $4.00 for the school and a $100 purchased Lands'End gift card will generate $15.00 for the school.


    Please join us now by registering at www.shopwithscrip.com.  Our School's enrollment code is: D8A36D1L37531


    For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Additionally, please feel free to contact our program coordinator anytime: Sara Parisi carlow.scrip@gmail.com