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Upper School Honor Code Ceremony

On February 2nd, the Upper School students participated in an Honor Code ceremony in the Kresge auditorium.   The ceremony provided a framework for students to reflect on the meaning of the Honor Code values, and its importance in building the school's  community.   During the ceremony, students signed the Honor Code as a way of pledging their commitment to making the goals of the Honor Code a daily reality at the Campus School.

The Upper School Honor Code


 Speak kindly and thoughtfully.


 Treat others the way you want to be treated.


 Always be positive and do your best.


 Act responsibly and make good choices.


 Respect the people of the Carlow community, their property, and their privacy.


 Set a good example and be a good role model.
The program for the Honor Code ceremony is attached.
Program for the Upper School Honor Code Ceremony