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Forensics All Star Trophy Winners

On Saturday, March 18th, our last Forensics tournament, the All-Star tournament, was held at Butler Catholic. The Campus School All Stars were:


John Evans – Declamation, Father Berry’s speech from On the Waterfront

Anthont Gatti – Drama, Marc Antony’s funeral soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Annika Ramani – Poetry, Maya Angelou selections

Nicolette Topping – Prose, excerpt from the novel Girl in a Cage, by Jane Yolen


There were 18-20 students in each of six categories.  (The Campus School only competed in four of those categories.) They were the ‘best of the best’ as described by Sr. John Ann of Butler, and judging was so tough that scores were calculated to the thousandths decimal place to determine placement.  Only four students moved on to compete in each of the six categories at the All-Star Open Round!  A huge congratulation to ALL of our students.  For the second year in a row, all of the Campus School students were chosen to compete in the second Open Round.


Of those Open Round students, only one winner was chosen in each category.  And not to bury the lead….This year, we are so pleased and proud to announce that for the first time in school history, there were two trophy winners.  The number one All-Star best presenter in Declamation for the 2016-2017 season this year was John Evans, and the number one All-Star best presenter in Poetry for the 2016-2017 season this year was Annika Ramani.  Congratulations to our All-Stars!