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Friday Newsletter: October 25, 2019





Third Grade Newsletter

“Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all.”

~Plains Indians

Café/Daily 5: We have been reading and discussing The Ghost of Popcorn Hill, by Betty Ren Wright.  This is a lovely story about two young brothers who encounter not one but two ghosts…appropriate for the month of October!  They work together to unite these lovely characters and build an appreciation for their dog, Rosie in the meantime.  This story uses a great deal of figurative language to help the children continue to visualize as they read. This will be an ongoing activity throughout the year.  Again, as they visualize, they are organizing their ideas and making meaningful connections, therefore strengthening their comprehension along the way.  As we practice Connecting to Text, Visualizing, Inferring and Predicting, we are learning to Question.  By questioning, they are learning to clarify ideas and deepen thoughts.  We also started writing our Halloween Alliterations this week and again emphasized the importance of hooking the reader. 

Math: We made cube trains and multiples strips. Students worked in pairs to build more measuring strips and matching number lines for multiples from 2 through 10. Then, we looked at the number lines to discover relationships between multiples. We also looked at a visual problem string of arrays of windows and used multiplication to figure out how many windows needed to be washed. The kiddos learned their second work place in unit 2 called Frog Jump Multiplication.  This work place involves multiplication on a number line.

Social Studies:  We introduced our new unit on Native Americans this week.  We discussed Native American Culture Areas and located five of those culture areas on a map.  Everyone will be able to make connections to geography and how specific tribes lived based on their location. We made Talking Sticks and discussed the importance of respecting others around us as they are sharing their thoughts and ideas. Our discussions of natural resources will continue to play a role with regards to our Native American Unit because they made use of everything and wasted nothing.

Things to Remember:

  • Make sure your child is checking his/her Daily Assignment Book each evening!
  • We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday and your child is permitted to dress up the entire day.
  • October Book Reports are due on Friday, November 1st!