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Friday Newsletter: November 1, 2019





Third Grade Newsletter

“Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all.”

~Plains Indians

Café/Daily 5: We all enjoyed the ending of The Ghost of Popcorn Hill.  This was such a fitting story for this time of year.  We spent the beginning part of the week writing thank you letters to Vigo and Jack, our guides at Laurel Caverns. They always love getting our letters.  We have also been working on our Halloween Alliterations.

Math: We continue our practice with multiplication. We learned our third work place, 2C Cover Up! Players take turns spinning two numbers, drawing an array with those dimensions on a 10 by 10 grid, and finding the product represented by the array (total area of the array). Next week, we will be talking about Ratio Tables and the Multiplication Table!

Social Studies:  This week we focused on the Eastern Woodlands and the Southeast regions.  We learned about the Iroquois League of Nations and the Great Law of Peace.  We also discussed wampum.  As a result, everyone created their own wampum design and then wrote about the significance of each symbol they drew.  While learning about the Southeast region, we began discussing “Code Talkers” and will continue with this topic early next week.  Students will also be assigned their tribe next week and begin gathering information for their Native American Lap Book Project.

Things to Remember:

  • Make sure your child is checking his/her Daily Assignment Book each evening!
  • Please remember to send your child in each day with a healthy snack!
  • Spirit Week: November 11th-15th