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Friday Newsletter: November 8, 2019



Third Grade Newsletter

“Our first teacher is our own heart.”

~Cheyenne Native Americans

Café/Daily 5: We began reading Annie and the Old One.  Annie, an Indian child, resorts to extremes in trying to prevent her dear grandmother from dying.  The “Old One” has said that she will return to Earth when she has finished helping Annie and Annie’s mother weave their new rug, so Annie does everything she can to delay the project.  When the grandmother explains her beliefs, Annie understands and no longer attempts to hold back time.  This story is a great way to reinforce the Native American Culture areas, their homes, and the resources they used to survive.

Math: We are coming to an end of our multiplication unit. We began filling in our multiplication table that will be used as a tool for us to refer to as we continue on in math. We studied ratio tables and reviewed bar graphs. We made a bar graph of our favorite ice cream and came up with many observations about our graph. We continued to practice our multiplication facts by playing a flash card game on

Social Studies: We are enjoying working on our Turtle Shells after reading excerpts from Thirteen Moons on a Turtle’s Back. In Native American legend, the thirteen scales on the turtle’s back represent the thirteen cycles of the moon and the changing seasons.  All students were assigned their tribe to research.  We will be going over note taking skills and providing time for students to gather information pertaining to their tribe.  Some work will need to be done at home.  We also started a weaving project that relates to Annie and the Old One and the traditions of the Navajo tribes. 

Things to Remember: Next Week is Spirit Week: We are asking for a $2.00 donation each day to go towards #bethekindkid and JAMEnterprises:




Patriotic Day- Celebrate our Veterans! Break out your red, white and blue attire for this school spirit day.  From ribbons and bows to t-shirts and flags, the sky is the limit!




Crazy Hat Day! Take advantage of being able to wear a hat all day!  Be creative!

Wednesday World Kindness Day:

Dress as your favorite “good” character from a book, movie, TV show or comic!

“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” –Aesop


Decades Day: Throw Back Thursday- Dress in clothing from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s!


Pajama Day: Dress in your favorite pair of pajamas and slippers!