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Friday Newsletter: January 17, 2020


Third Grade Newsletter

“I want to caution you against the idea that balance has to be a routine and looks the same week in and week out.”

~Kevin Thoman


Café/Daily 5:  We continued reading from The 21 Balloons.  While reading, we are identifying those adverts that tell how, when, and where.  Grammar always ties in with the current books we are reading.  We also finished up our “I Have a Dream” writings and they are on display in the classroom.

Math: We continued our practice of rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds place. We also practiced adding multi-digit numbers. We learned two new work places; Round & Add Tens and Round Ball Hundreds. The kids made a flower garden, each flower petal had a number on it and behind the petal they rounded the number.

Science: We continue to focus on our Solar System and Simple Machines.  We learned about the Sun, Earth, Moon and the difference between rotation and revolution. We talked about how this year we have an extra day because of Leap Year and students are then researching how long days and years are on their specific planet that they are researching. While researching, students are uploading facts and ideas to use for their Solar System Travel Agency Projects on Edmodo.  This seems to be a hit with regards to group communication. These projects, once completed will be shared with the second graders. We also had great fun creating pulleys to lift water out of a well!  Might be something a group adds to their resort…they need to get water somehow!

Things to Remember:

  • Monday, January 20th: No School for Marin Luther King Jr. Day.