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Friday Newsletter: January 31, 2020




“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow...”

~Lawrence Clark Powell

Café/Daily 5:  It is amazing how much I learn from your children on a daily basis.  This week we discussed the elements of a Fairy Tale...magic, good versus evil, once upon a time, the number three, royalty, happy we began reading The King’s Equal.  This is an original fairy tale about an arrogant prince and his search for a bride.  While reading we reflected on those particular elements and how they were incorporated into this tale.  Everyone was reminded to look for such elements in the Fairy Tale they will choose for this month’s book report.

Math: We took a Sumdog subtraction assessment and did an awesome job! We’re becoming math wizards. We continued our practice with subtracting 3-digit numbers and practiced with our new workplace. Students are going to work with a partner and create word problems; one addition and one subtraction. They will give their problems to another set of partners to solve! 

Science: This week we started the construction of our Solar System Resorts. I had one group add an elevator into their resort.  As we put it together, they explained to me how the pulley system worked.  I am eager to see how other groups will incorporate simple machines into their resort designs.   We then watched an actual launch of a rocket prior to creating our own rockets and setting them off in the classroom.  Everyone had a BLAST doing that activity.

Things to Remember:

  • No School on Monday, February 17th- Teacher In-service