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The Pre-school gym classes are mostly non- competitive.  We practice different locomotor movements, balance, non specific sport ball skills , and movement.  We learn to follow directions, and how to play with partners. 
The Primary grades focus on non specific sport ball skills. We incorporate recreational games to help develop these skills.  We do play games with winners and losers to help the children develop good sportsmanship.  We begin to introduce simple rules and strategies for sports.  In most cases, these skills are introduces in a fun, or game situation.
The Intermediate grades are introduced to the team sports of baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and hockey. At this level, they gain more understanding of rules and strategies. We also continue to play recreational games to promote sportsmanship, and help the children identify other avenues of exercise, other than competitive sports. 
All grade levels are exposed to various Health topics. The topics are explored in an age appropriate manner, with the use of videos, activities and discussions.  The classes are also enhanced by presentations from the university student nurses. This collaboration has proved to be benificial to both the campus school students as well as the nursing students.  Some of the topics explored throughout the year are: 
                            SAFETY-Including home, school, fire ,playground, bicycle, bus ,animal, weather, and water safety.
                            NUTRITION-Including the food pyrimid, the food groups, and the benifits of healthy eating.
                            HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND EXERCISE- The benifits of exercise and activity.
                            ANATOMY- Introduction to the bones, muscles and systems of the body and their functions.
                            FIRST AID- Introduction to basic first aid, and what to do in an emergency.
                            CPR/AED- Introduction to CPR and how it works. Make children aware of AED's and where they are located.
                            "GROWING UP"- Discussions about personal hygiene, table manners, and lifeskills. 
                            POISONS- Recognizing poisons, in the home and environment and treatments for exposure.