Mobile Maker Spaces

Posted by Suzanne Ament on 3/25/2019

The Campus School Mobile Maker Space was envisioned as a way provide accessible resources for implementing important “maker” activities into daily classroom instruction. Research recommends that resources for “making” should be distributed throughout the students’ environment so that they provide a logical recourse for problem solving challenges. The Engineering and Technology strands of the curriculum are particularly valuable in engaging students who are not drawn to traditional school subjects and provide an attractive entry point for their studies. Classes incorporate the engineering design cycle (building on successive iterations) and CREATE Lab technologies, which provide a model for developing persistence in the face of difficulty. We propose to increase utilization of maker projects by providing each department of The Campus School with Mobile Maker resources.


Teacher "sponsors" designed Mobile Makers Spaces with developmentally appropriate materials and tools to best suport student learning at each age level.


Maker Pre K

Making begins early -- PreK3 student explores materials.



Maker Trinity

Materials from the maker totes in Trinity Hall.



Maker Kindergarten

Mini maker space for Kindergarten.



Maker First

The mobile maker space for students on the first floor.



Maker Intermediate

Repurposed and donated furnishings host the Intermediate Department Maker Space. This set up will be next in line for a more permanent home.




Maker Middle

The middle school maker space hosts Hummingbird and Microbit technologies in addition to more traditional maker materials.