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Posted by Shannon Kotvas on 5/17/2019

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Campus Laboratory School's Third Annual

Maker Challenge

a ReMake Learning Days event.

Campus Laboratory School students created a "maker" project based on the 2019 theme of "Protect Our Species" using simple, earth friendly materials. On Friday, May 10th those projects were shared with friends and family across our school community. 
Pre-School & 3A
Preschoolers worked with their 3rd Grade friends during the event. Here is an octopus made from paper plates and bubble wrap!  
Pre-Kindergarten & 3B
Pre-K worked with 3B to make roller coasters out of Styrofoam, pipe cleaners, and beads. 
Montessori 1 & 4A
M1 2
4th grade and Montessori sharing their games and creations with each other on how to save the Earth and our species. Creations included a basketball game, a recycle bin, a board game, a robot trash collector, and a pulley system to clean the ocean. 

Then the 4th grade students partnered with  Montessori children to create even more projects using our Mobile Maker Space materials. 
Montessori 2 & 4B
M2 2
M2 3
M2 4
The 4th grade joined Montessori to celebrate the Maker Challenge. First, students shared their Maker Challenge projects. We explored birdhouses, played an endangered animal game, discussed the importance of pollinators and how to attract them, and were reminded of the importance of keeping plastic and litter out of the natural environment. 

Then the 4th grade students partnered with  Montessori children to create even more projects using our Mobile Maker Space materials.
Kindergarten & 6th Grade
K 1
K 3
K 4
Kindergarten and 6th grade explain their maker projects to each other, and then we paired up a Kindergartner and 6th grader to create maker insects.
1st Grade & 5th Grade
First 1
1st Grade showed off their maker insects and worked with 5th grade on various building projects. 
2A & 7B
Second 1  
Second 2
Second 3
2A and 7B enjoyed spending time together to share their maker projects. Projects created at home included a glider plane and a board game. When students were finished sharing their projects, they were able to explore and create using Squishy Circuits! 
2B & 7A
Second 4
Second 5
Second 6  
2B & 7A gathered in the library to share their maker projects with each other. When they finished sharing they were able to plan out a project for future building. 
Live from the Red (really, more blue) Carpet
Inventive and articulate students who wanted to share more about their project’s concept and design headed to the “red carpet” room. There, they explained details of their designs from a set designed by art teacher, Leigh Roche.
Click on links below the photos to hear student inventors describe their work.
Carpet 1
Carpet 2
Carpet 3
Carpet 3